Free Flights, Nights & Sights

OUTSELL YOUR COMPETITION with experience rewards


Studies have shown that companies using discounts in their sales promotions often lose price integrity, value perception as well as brand loyalty in the long run.

Customer incentives based on experiences, on the other hand, help you to hit your sales targets, increase the value perception, all while strengthening your brand. As a result, your customers will forever connect their experiences to your brand, which will create word-of-mouth marketing and boost brand loyalty.


Increased Value Perception

On average the value of our sales rewards are perceived 5 times higher by customers than the actual costs.


Grow Market Share

By offering your customers an experience you are sure to stand out from your competition, which will help you grow your market share. 

Gain Loyal Customers

An experience is an emotional event for your customers. They will inevitably connect it to your product and develop a sense of brand loyalty towards your brand.


1. Exploratory Call

As every business faces different challenges and needs, in this call we will ask you some specific questions that will help us to create a reward proposal that is 100% tailored to your brand. 

2. Tailored Proposal

Based on the information provided in the exploratory call, we will create a customized reward proposal, which we are happy to walk you through in detail in a follow up call.

3. Launch Campaign

Once the proposal receives the buy-in from all stakeholders, our experienced service team completes the setup of your reward and the reward fulfilment. We are now ready to launch the campaign.

Some Great Brands We’ve

Delivered Unique Rewards For

Client Testimonials

“…During the free flight campaign buying behaviour was changed to a pantry stocking with customers buying 6 bottles instead of the usual 1 of the Stoneleigh brand. Not only growing volume but taking share away from our competitors…”

“Fly Away with Epson achieved all of the business objectives set and its achievements contributed to Epson Europe’s Consumer Business Units most successful quarter to date.

Great project management and campaign fulfilment! We are looking forward to our next projects together.”

Grow your market share the sustainable way 

At RIX Rewards we understand how difficult it is to stand out among your competition in a crowded market space. Even if you have the superior product it is hard to get consumers to see past the discounts of the competition, which is why you feel like you need to cut prices as well. The problem is that using discounts leads to a downward price cycle, which can have far reaching implications on your brand and business.

We believe good products and brands shouldn’t have to use discounts to increase sales. That’s why we developed a portfolio of experience based purchase incentives, which enables your company to run sales promotions sustainably by adding value to the customer rather than cutting the prices of your product.

Here’s how it works:

1. We create a reward perfectly tailored to your brand & product

2. We set up a branded landing page

3. Customers redeem their reward directly with our experienced customer support team

Schedule an exploratory call, so you can stop cutting prices and start standing out from the competition while growing your market share and brand loyalty at the same time.


An airplane in boarding position ready to board for customers who received a free flight ticket


Send your customers on an international trip with a free flight. The value perception on this reward is especially high.

Woman opening a curtain in a hotel room after getting up in the morning, enjoying her free hotel stay


Offer your customers a free night at luxury hotel of their choice on our white label hotel booking platform.

An orange kayak ready to be taken out onto the water between mountains for a free adventure as a sales incentive


Prefer offering a different experience? No problem: From a restaurant visit to a bungee jump. Everything is possible.

A traveler walking through waist-deep water as part of a sales reward outdoor trip


  • We are a fully ABTA, IATA and ATOL licensed agency
  • Partnerships with 300 of the most well-known and trusted travel providers
  • Exclusive contracts with thousands of the world’s top airlines and hotels
  • International in-house service team for all languages or currencies