Boost Sales and Make People Fall In Love With Your Brand Through experiential Promotions

From Product to People Centricity

Emotion sells! We all know people centricity is a winning strategy for any business. However, many brands stop putting the people at the center when it comes to customer engagement, sales promotions and loyalty programs.

As a global one-stop solution partner we have served the most renowned brands over the last 20 years with promotional activities, by creating highly emotional brand experiences which not only boosts sales, but also enables you to build stronger relationships with your target audience.


Lifestyle Relevance

On average the value of our creative sales rewards are perceived 5 times higher than the actual costs. Dive right into the a sphere of positive emotions.

Active Engagement

By offering people an experience they care about, you don’t just stand out from your competition but make them the hero of the story.

Post-purchase Experience

An experience that hits the right wants & needs will trigger emotions that last. People connect it to your product and services, talk about it and develop brand love over time.


By leveraging the buzz and excitement of the EURO, we turned Rodilla into EUROdilla. During the month of the football tournament, every time customers bought a pack of sandwiches, they could “score a goal” via a scratch card game and win exciting football related prizes. Not just did the campaign create a massive social buzz it also helped to significantly increase sales during that period.

“When Customers and Employees get excited about a sales promotion and sales results prove it, you know we have done something right! Thanks RIX for the great concept and outstanding fulfillment of the promotion!”

Jorge Lucas, Marketing Director


Luxury can’t be sold as an average commodity. With the “Maserati Taste Drive” we successfully motivated existing customers to sign up for test drives of new models by offering an Italian test drive experience. Instead of highlighting product-relevant information, customers are positively surprised with a “taste drive” envelope, including a specific test route with an Italian gourmet surprise.

Changing the narrative had a massive impact on perception and conversion.

  • Surprise Italian restaurant voucher
  • Chance to win a weekend for 2 in a luxury resort


Frank Sintra could not have thought of a better choreography to his song “Come fly with me”. In a never seen before Flash Mob campaign “du” turned the Mall of the Emirates into exciting travel destinations.

Introducing their new Smart Plan 300 “du” offered customers one of 10’000 Free Return Tickets from 3 departure airports in the UAE to a total of 23 destinations in the Middle East, Europe, India and Asia.


1. Call & Brief

In order to offer you a customer centered promotion we need to get a good understanding of your brand and needs. Based on a campaign brief, we create a campaign proposal that is 100% tailored to your brand.

2. Tailored Proposal

Based on the information provided in the exploratory call, we will prepare three creative campaign ideas in a customized sales reward proposal for you. At this point inspiration and lively discussions  are guaranteed.

3. Launch Campaign

Once the proposal receives the buy-in from all stakeholders, our experienced service team completes the setup of your reward campaign and the campaign fulfilment. We are now ready to launch.




Creatives & Communication

Everything starts with a disruptive idea and clear concept to reach the audience you want to address. We help you design, communicate and share your magic moments. 

Tools & Technology

From AI driven market insights to gamification software and global travel booking technology, we have identified the most innovate tools to facilitate remarkable experiences.

Campaign Management

Let us take care of the entire management of your campaigns from Reward Procurement, Campaign Setup, Customers Service and Fulfilment.