Many businesses lay a special emphasis on customer centricity, but stop thinking about the customer when it comes to their sales promotions. RIX supports brands with experience based rewards that puts the customer at the center. This naturally leads to an increase in revenue, market share and brand loyalty.

In order to meet the Marketing and Sales targets without jeopardizing the long term success of a brand, RIX Rewards has developed a way to motivate transactional behaviour with the help of experiences that add value to the consumer on an emotional level.

With RIX‘s creative reward solutions consumers are offered an appealing incentive that matters to them when they buy a product. The buyer connects this experience with the product & brand and thereby creates a positive association with said brand that extends way beyond the purchase itself.
All this results in word-of-mouth marketing, increased awareness, a boost in market share and longer lasting brand loyalty for the brand.

As a global company with many top tier international clients and over a decade of experience, RIX has established itself as a global leader in offering customer centric sales incentives.


With offices in almost 20 countries worldwide, we are able to deliver rewards on a local or global scale. 


As a global organization, we are a multicultural team of experts with decades of experience in creating successful reward campaigns.


Intersted in working for the global market leader in travel rewards? We are always looking for talented people to expand our team. 


With representatives all over Europe, Russia, the Middle East, Turkey, North America, Philippines, Colombia, Mexico, India, South Africa and Australia we are in a unique position to offer experience based rewards worldwide.


Our team is split into three divisions to allow for maximum efficiency and smooth operations. While the management team oversees all strategic and global matters, the project team is focused on all operational topics, such as fulfilment and managing of the call center. The project team is flexibly scalable depending on campaign size and needs. Our regional teams are the first point of contact for brands in the respective countries or regions and are always happy to support on site.

Management Team

Ralph Müllerschön

President & Founder

Pascal Haider

Chief Executive Officer

Christoph Lindemann

Sales Admin Director

John Brady

Global Head of Marketing

Project Team

Nina Geitz

Senior Project Manager

Benjamin Ahrens

Project Director

Greta Colshorn

Project Manager

Isabella Gasselich

Project Manager


Ray Fares

Richard Ashman

Igor Lipanov

Laurent Fleck

Martino Picotti

Juan Magdaleno

Anthony O. Nwosisi

Adall Tayeb

Teresa Guzmán

Adeleye Agbede

Emmanuel Bangui

Iulian Pene

Gregory Peter

Guido Fratta