Christmas With Zalando

After running multiple successful travel campaigns for Germany’s biggest online fashion retailer, we were asked to develop a highly emotional and customer centric campaign around the topic Christmas to boost Zalando’s autumn sales.

Find out below how we delivered a magical brand moment for existing and new customers. 

A Zalando gift card for a christmas tree placed on festive decoration

What were the goals? 

Zalando’s main objective was to increase sales and average basket value in the pre-Christmas sales season. As virtually all fashion retailers run discount promotions in this time period, Zalando was looking for a sales promotion that would connect with their customers on an emotional level rather than just a monetary one. 

1. Christmas Context

With Christmas approaching the campaign should have a strong Chrismas message

2. Emotional

The goal was to stand out from other retailers by creating something of emotional value 

T-Shirts in different colors on a hanging rack in a fashion retail store

3. Basket Value

One of the most important goals of any online retailer is to increase the average order value 

Shop sign showing that it's open in a fashion retail store

4. Sales

As well as the average basket value, the number of orders in general was a main objective 


Three things are needed in order to celebrate Christmas properly:

1. Friends & Family

2. Presents for your loved ones

3. A beautiful Christmas tree.

While the first point is not something a brand can influence, the latter two points were something we wanted to leverage in our campaign to craft an impactful reward and a powerful marketing message. 

The message: “Buy your Christmas gifts on Zalando and we’ll provide you with the Christmas tree to lay the presents under!”

For any purchase over EUR 50 on in the respective promotion period, customers got a voucher code for a free Christmas tree delivered to their doorstep. 


Complete an order over 50 Euros

Every order over 50 Euros on Zalando’s shopping platform received a voucher code for a free Christmas tree

Receive Voucher Code

An email was sent to customers with their personal voucher code.

Redeem Voucher

Customers could then order their Christmas tree on the online microsite by providing some personal details and the code.

Get Tree Delivered

A tree then arrived at customers’ homes well before the Christmas festivities were set to begin. 

What were the results?

Both Zalando and their customers were happy with the campaign results. While the customers enjoyed their premium Christmas trees delivered to them from their now favorite online retailer, Zalando was able to exceed the goals set in the beginning of the campaign. 

What’s more, Zalando was able to stand out from the competition and gain attention with this creative way to offer something beyond monetary value. 

Increased Visibility & Awareness

Increase in average order value

Increase in order numbers

Happy customers


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