du, one of the United Arab Emirates’ two major telecom­mu­ni­ca­tion providers saw the need to do a different kind of promo­tion in order to stand out from their compe­ti­tion. So, they decided to run a free flight campaign with us.

Although, the reward itself was already a strong driver to inspire new contract sign-ups, du wanted to maxi­mize the impact on the market and make sure as many people as possible heard about promo­tion. But can you do this without spending a lot of valu­able budget on adver­tising? Read on and find out.


The telecom­mu­ni­ca­tions industry faces tough compe­ti­tion every­where in the world, the UAE included. Once customers sign up with one provider they are less likely to switch providers. Therefore, for du Telecom new customer sign-ups are the biggest sales and marketing goal.

As the main competitor Etisalat was outspending du in order to keep the majority market share, du Telecom’s goal was to create a campaign that would reach more people without spending more. The goal was to create a campaign that would spread virally, through social media and word-of-mouth.

New Sign-Ups

Win new customers that would then be bound to a longer term contract

Increase Market Share

As the younger telecom­mu­ni­ca­tions brand du wanted to claim more market share from Etisalat

Increase Awareness

Increase aware­ness about du’s prod­ucts without spending more on media

Grow Follower Base

In addi­tion to creating word-of-mouth, du wanted to grow their followers signif­i­cantly on Facebook


Anyone who signed up to du Telecom’s post paid smart­plan in the campaign time frame, received a free flight to one of 23 desti­na­tions across Europe and the Middle East.


The unique promo­tion paired with the outstanding use of viral video created results that exceeded all expec­ta­tions. Not only did the sign-ups double compared to the previous period, but also du’s social media engage­ment went through the roof.

The video received over 300,000 video views and a viewthrough rate of 12.5% (which is incred­ible for a 7 minute video). Furthermore, du was able to generate 65,000 likes on Facebook and a ton of new followers.

GoPro could success­fully sell their run-out model at the full price before the launch of its successor and gain a ton of aware­ness and some new loyal customers on the way.

Increased Social Media Followers
Over 300,000 Video Views
Doubled New Sign-Ups
Outstanding ROI


In addi­tion to adver­tising the campaign throughout du’s owned chan­nels, the company prepared a big surprise for shop­pers at one of the biggest shop­ping malls in dubai – the Mall of Emirates.

150 dancers appeared out of nowhere and gave the audi­ence a show they wouldn’t forget. The flashmob branded in du colors was created around the theme of flying. This was the perfect way to get the word out about the unique free flight promo­tion. Not only did the word spread through the audi­ence, but also the video taken of the flashmob helped to create a major buzz around the promo­tion.