Euro Trip With Samsung

With more and more Android mobile phones entering the market each year, Samsung needed to defend their position as market leader after launching their flagship product line Samsung Galaxy S*. But how can you hold your market share when you are facing so much competetive pressure? That’s right – by offering experiences instead of discounts. 

Find out below how Samsung managed to not only hold their market share, but even increase it after the RIX Rewards campaigns for the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S7 across the Baltics, Ukraine, Russia, Czech Republic and Slovakia. 

A hand holding the Samsung Galaxy S6 next to a headline that says "Fly with Samsung" and a teaser "Tickets as a gift"

What were the goals? 

Shortly after launching the respective Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S7 model, Samsung wanted to make sure they meet their launch sales target. However, since the mobile phone space is getting more crowded every year with manufacturers such as Huawei, Xiaomi etc. gaining traction, increasing brand loyalty was also a major objective. 


1. Meet Launch Sales Targets

Samsung set some tough launch sales targets for themselves for the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S7 mobile phones. 

2. Hold Market Share

Especially after launching new products, keeping market share is a must. 

3. Attract Attention

The usual sales promotions, such as discount promotions are just not strong enough to attract enough attention. 

4. Brand Loyalty

Tying the customer to the brand through an emotional experience was another goal that had priority. 


We delivered a reward we knew the target group would love: A city trip to any of Europe’s major cities.

All the customers had to do is buy the new Samsung Galaxy S* mobile phone, choose a city they would like to fly to and send proof of purchase. Et voilà, as they say in Paris, let the Euro Trip begin.

With the help of the landing page the redemption was as easy as 1, 2,3.

A hand holding the Samsung Galaxy S6 next to a headline that says "Fly with Samsung" and a teaser "Tickets as a gift"
A website banner for the Samsung Galaxy S7 launch displaying flight tickets and the text "Flights to Europe for everyone"

What were the results?

Due to the strong campaign message and value proposition to customers, Samsung received more in-store display space for their POS material. They were able to considerably increase sales in both campaigns and increase their market share sustainably.

The feedback from customers was overwhelming. Many customers thanked the brand on their social media channels for giving them the opportunity to see Europe and the smooth fulfilment.

Both post-launch campaigns were celebrated as a great success in terms of both trackable figures and feedback.

Increased display space at retailers

Exceeded launch sales targets

Word of mouth

Overwhelming positive feedback

What did customers say?

A young man dancing in the streets because he is happy about receiving a free flight to Madrid

After receiving their flight we asked customers for some feedback. See some of the comments below. 

I like travelling a lot. I could not ever imagine that Samsung would have a promotion like this. It was an unexpected surprise for me. I want to visit all the sights of London.

I wanted to visit Norway for a long time. I plan to walk around the city and visit the fjords.

This is my dream come true to visit Paris. Thank you Samsung!

The way this promotion was handled is the confirmation of Samsung’s reliable reputation!

My flight offer was Madrid, the only European city I have never been before. I am very happy with the destination. 


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