Frequently asked questions

What makes RIX REWARDS’ Buy & Fly Campaigns unique compared to typical promotions and discounts?

Unlike stan­dard discounts, our Buy & Fly Campaigns offer free flight vouchers as rewards, giving consumers more value and a unique travel expe­ri­ence. This strategy elevates consumer engage­ment and strengthens client market posi­tions by providing supe­rior value and authen­ticity in a market satu­rated with super­fi­cial deals.

How do RIX Rewards’ promotions compare in cost-effectiveness to traditional marketing strategies?

Using our promo­tions, like Buy & Fly, is a more effi­cient way to enhance brand visi­bility at a reduced cost compared to regular discounts. For example, as an estab­lished marketing and travel agency with a global network of IATA carriers, we procure our free flights at highly compet­i­tive rates, offering signif­i­cant savings.

Can RIX REWARDS’ promotions be customized for specific industries or markets?

Absolutely. Our campaigns, including Buy & Fly, are adapt­able and expand­able, allowing us to tailor promo­tions to specific coun­tries, indus­tries, and client objec­tives.

Does the Buy & Fly Promotion include a return flight?

Yes, each purchase comes with a guar­an­teed voucher for a free round-trip flight.

Are the flights offered in the Buy & Fly Promotion charter flights like LTU or TUI?

No, the Buy & Fly promo­tion offers vouchers for stan­dard airline flights as charter flights are mainly avail­able during the summer season, and our free flights are avail­able year-round.

Does the Buy & Fly Promotion offer free flights to popular vacation destinations like the Dominican Republic, Maldives, or Mallorca?

No, we specialize in offering free flights for city weekend getaways rather than tradi­tional holiday desti­na­tions.

Are the flights in the Buy & Fly Promotion direct flights?

Typically, yes, as the idea of the Buy & Fly promo­tion is to provide a classic city trip expe­ri­ence, we usually offer direct flights.

What are the key features of RIX REWARDS’ Buy & Fly Promotion in terms of customization and flexibility?

The Buy & Fly Promotion is highly customiz­able, offering flex­ible desti­na­tions, travel dates, and added services, making it a tailored travel expe­ri­ence aligned to consumer pref­er­ences, while achieving your marketing and sales objec­tives.

What is the philosophy behind RIX REWARDS’ promotions?

We focus on value-added expe­ri­ences and emotional engage­ment to create mean­ingful consumer rela­tion­ships, elevating consumer engage­ment, and boosting our clients’ profits and market posi­tion.

How does the Free Flight Promotion align with consumer desires and market trends?

The Free Flight Promotion meets the growing demand for travel and enhances perceived value. It targets those who view vaca­tions as unat­tain­able, increasing consumer spending and brand loyalty.

How does RIX REWARDS incorporate gamification into promotions?

We use gami­fi­ca­tion to generate posi­tive emotions and engage­ment. It’s cost-effective for busi­nesses, offering brand aware­ness, data collec­tion, and flex­i­bility. Our gami­fi­ca­tion strate­gies include ‘Spin & Win’, ‘Scratch Cards’, and customized games.

What types of rewards can be included in RIX REWARDS’ Spin & Win campaigns?

Prizes in Spin & Win can vary from discount vouchers and exclu­sive deals to bigger rewards like elec­tronics, gift cards, or grand prizes like weekend getaways, designed to appeal to a diverse consumer base.

How does RIX REWARDS ensure a high-quality experience in its Travel Portal Campaigns?

Our in-house ABTA-ATOL- and IATA-licensed travel agency manages all travel campaigns, ensuring a wide array of options and a signif­i­cant value feel for consumers, enhancing their overall expe­ri­ence.