Fly With GoPro

In 2019 we partnered with the action camera giant GoPro in Germany and Russia to deliver an enticing offer to push the sales of their Hero7 product right before the launch of the Hero8. As the GoPro audience loves to travel internationally, free flights were sure to catch potential customers’ attention. 

Find out more about the goals, steps and results of the campaign below. 

What were the goals? 

Shortly before the launch of its successor Hero 8, GoPro wanted to raise interest for the Hero 7 product line in Germany and Russia. The reward campaign was, therefore, tied to the purchase of a GoPro Hero 7 Black. 

As the Nr. 1 action camera brand globally, GoPro has a great online presence on social media. For GoPro increasing engagement in their social channels is always one of the company’s primary goals.

1. Standing Out

Offering a unique and different promotion with a „wow effect“​

2. Social Media Engagement

Foster customer engagement by offering a promotion which has potential to be easily shared and recommended​

3. Brand Experience

Make people take their GoPro on a memorable journey by bundling the product with a travel incentive.​

4. Sales

Increase sales for the Hero 7 action camera, that was on the end of its lifecycle without the use of discounts.


The Free Flights reward seemed to be the most suitable reward for GoPro as it perfectly aligns with the wanderlust of action camera customers.

For any purchase of a GoPro Hero 7 Black customers got a free return flight


  • 6 departure airports
  • 38 destinations
  • Including airport taxes
  • Redemption via


Buy a GoPro Hero7

Every purchase of a new GoPro Hero 7 action camera in the campaign timeframe automatically qualified for a free flight to one of the 38 selected destinations. 

Choose Dates & Destination

Customers were directed to the microsite, where they could apply for their desired travel period and preferred destination. 

Send Proof of Purchase

In order to make sure they were eligible for the free flight, customers were asked to send in their proof of purchase for the Hero 7.

Verification & Acceptance

The RIX service team got in touch with the customers after making sure that everything was in order to confirm their free flight. 

Enjoy Your Flight

Once the travel times and destination was agreed with the customer, all that was left to do is upload their passport details and get ready for their trip. 

How did the campaign look?

GoPro’s Marketing team ran a fantastic campaign with clear communication and visually appealing artwork. The communication was highly focused on owned media channels, such as their website, newsletters, social media channels etc. However, POS materials were also distributed and the campaign was prominently shown on In-Store TVs and placed in retailer’s own mailouts.

What were the results?

The campaign was a full success. The sales results were on par with discount campaigns GoPro ran before, which is a clear indicator that consumers are willing to pay more for a product that is bundled with an experience. 

The social engagement was higher than anything GoPro has seen before on similar campaigns on their social media channels.

GoPro could successfully sell their run-out model at the full price before the launch of its successor and gain a ton of awareness and some new loyal customers on the way. 

Increased Visibility & Awareness

100% Increase in Social Engagement

0% Complaints or Issues

Reached All Sales Goals


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