Basket Promotion

Buy & Fly Campaigns

Skyrocket Sales with ‘Buy & Fly’ Promotions

Drive Higher Spending and Achieve 10x ROI

If a consumer‘s average basket value is, for instance, USD 250, you set the basket target at, let’s say, USD 350 for the promo­tion to qualify for a free flight.

Buy & Fly Promotions demon­strate an +18% average increase in basket size. Consumers aiming to qualify for the free flight end up spending even more, typi­cally +32% above the threshold of 350 EUR.

This not only boosts revenue but also covers most of the promo­tion costs with the addi­tional incre­mental sales.

This is why the Return On Investment of Buy & Fly Promotions are by expe­ri­ence more than 10x.

Elevate Your Brand.

Revolutionize, Maximize and Overcome!

Experience the revo­lu­tionary Buy & Fly promo­tion, offering excep­tional value through free flight vouchers, delve into the dynamic realm of gami­fi­ca­tion for deeper customer engage­ment, and discover the person­al­ized jour­neys of our travel portal.