Product Promotion

Free Flight Campaigns

Offer More Value

Combine Purchases with Travel Rewards

Instead of offering the usual discount or cash­back promo­tion, consumers receive a free flight voucher as a reward.

The flight voucher allows them to pick a desti­na­tion of their choice, making them to enjoy both — their new product and a travel expe­ri­ence.

It’s straight­for­ward – more value for money, driving addi­tional aware­ness, antic­i­pa­tion and excite­ment around your sales promo­tions.

Elevate Your Brand.

Revolutionize, Maximize and Overcome!

Experience the revo­lu­tionary Buy & Fly promo­tion, offering excep­tional value through free flight vouchers, delve into the dynamic realm of gami­fi­ca­tion for deeper customer engage­ment, and discover the person­al­ized jour­neys of our travel portal.