Gamification Campaigns

Encouraging Purchase Decisions Through Playful Engagement

The World of Gamified Experiences

Bridging Human Emotional Insights

Joy, curiosity, thrill – gami­fi­ca­tion is effec­tive because it trig­gers real, powerful human emotions.

Simply but, gami­fi­ca­tion gener­ates emotions asso­ci­ated with posi­tive expe­ri­ences. When consumers gain rewards through a gami­fied approach, they expe­ri­ence a level of excite­ment not found in stan­dard promo­tions or with tradi­tional discounts.

In conclu­sion, gami­fi­ca­tion as a promo­tion strategy provides signif­i­cant mone­tary bene­fits for busi­nesses. Its ability to engage consumers, enhance brand loyalty, and generate valu­able consumer insights, all while being low in cost, makes it a highly attrac­tive option for busi­nesses looking to maxi­mize their marketing effi­ciency.

The power of Gamification

Maximize Sales, Minimize Spendings

Gamification promo­tions are remark­ably cost-effective for customers, offering a high return on invest­ment with minimal finan­cial input


Low Initial Investment

Compared to tradi­tional marketing campaigns, gami­fi­ca­tion promo­tions require a lower upfront invest­ment. This is partly because digital plat­forms can host gami­fied content rela­tively inex­pen­sively.


Cost-Effective Brand Awareness

Gamification, partic­u­larly effec­tive in increasing brand aware­ness at a lower cost than tradi­tional discounts, has the poten­tial to signif­i­cantly enhance brand recog­ni­tion, often by 20% or more. Additionally, the engaging nature of gami­fied promo­tions make a brand more memo­rable and boost brand‘s visi­bility and appeal.


Data Collection and Insights

Gamification allows for the collec­tion of valu­able consumer data in an engaging and non-intrusive manner. This data can be used to refine marketing strate­gies, product offer­ings, and consumer expe­ri­ences, further opti­mizing the return on invest­ment.


Flexibility and Scalability

Gamification campaigns can be scaled according to the company’s budget and goals. This scal­a­bility ensures that compa­nies of all sizes can leverage gami­fi­ca­tion without over­stretching their budgets


Boost in Sales and Conversions

By adding elements of compe­ti­tion or reward, gami­fied promo­tions drive sales more effec­tively than tradi­tional discounts. Customers are moti­vated by earning rewards, points, or achieving a certain status, which trans­lates into increased purchases.


Brand Maintenance & Image Revitalization

Trough modern, tech­ni­cally sophis­ti­cated gami­fi­ca­tion concepts, you set your­self apart from crude compe­ti­tions and dubious give­aways.


Encouraging Sharing and Viral Spread

Skillfully designed gami­fi­ca­tion campaigns become widely popular, partic­u­larly if they feature content that’s easy to share. This aspect signif­i­cantly broaden the campaign’s reach without extra spending on ads

Level up your Business

With an expe­ri­ence of working with brands in various sectors for over 20 years, we have managed numerous consumer promo­tions campaigns for compa­nies that want to create connec­tivity with their customers through gami­fi­ca­tion like:

Customized Theme Games

How it works

Three Easy Steps

For your company

For your customer


to meet your needs


for your campaign


for your customer


of a Product


in custom Portal

Spin & Win

or Scratch Card

Boosted engagement by 1/3

In Fact, with Gamification…

+ 13%


+ 22%

Social Sharing

+ 68%

Content Discovery

+ 140%

Onsite Time

+ 600%

Shop Clicks

 + 2000%

Social Sales

source: concur.com

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