Spin & Win

Your next Campaign

Get ready for “Spin & Win” – where every purchase could be the ticket to exciting prizes! We’re spicing up the consumers shop­ping journey with unex­pected thrills and joyful surprises


For every purchase over a prede­fined amount, the consumer gets a chance to spin the digital wheel


Prizes can range from discount vouchers and exclu­sive deals to bigger rewards like elec­tronics, gift cards, or even a grand prize, such as a weekend getaway. The selec­tion of prizes is designed to attract a diverse customer base, boosting the campaign’s overall appeal.

Boost Revenue while Reducing Costs

from 1 $ per spin attempt with high perceived price pools

Think how much more impactful your campaigns could be in terms of value percep­tion and engage­ment without having to compro­mise on your budget!

For your customer


Consumer Purchase

A consumer makes a qual­i­fied purchase, either in a store or online. After making the purchase, they receive a code.

Enter Code & Details

Consumers need to enter the provided code and their personal details online or through a desig­nated app to access the “SPIN & WIN” wheel.

Spin & Win

Try your luck by spin­ning the wheel of fortune and see what prize you win!

Elevate Your Brand.

Revolutionize, Maximize and Overcome!

Experience the revo­lu­tionary Buy & Fly promo­tion, offering excep­tional value through free flight vouchers, delve into the dynamic realm of gami­fi­ca­tion for deeper customer engage­ment, and discover the person­al­ized jour­neys of our travel portal.