Scratchcard Promotion

What makes a winning combination?

Scratch card promo­tions are a very popular promo­tional tech­nique. They are extremely versa­tile in their appli­ca­tion, simple to imple­ment, and can reach a wide audi­ence.

Instant Gratification

They provide instant rewards or feed­back, which is a powerful moti­vator for consumers. This imme­diacy can make the shop­ping expe­ri­ence more exciting and memo­rable


They can be tailored for various types of promo­tions, from discounts and free prod­ucts to exclu­sive access or contests, making them suit­able for a wide range of marketing objec­tives


Digital scratch cards are low-cost to produce and distribute


Almost anyone can partic­i­pate without needing special skills or knowl­edge, making scratch cards an inclu­sive promo­tional tool

For your customer


Consumer Purchase

A consumer makes a qual­i­fied purchase, either in a store or online. After making the purchase, they receive a code.

Enter Code & Details

Consumer need to enter the provided code and their personal details online or through a desig­nated app to access the Scratchcard.

Scratch & Win

Try your luck by finding three of the same symbol!

Elevate Your Brand.

Revolutionize, Maximize and Overcome!

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