How to give your brand a voice that speaks to your customers

Nov 29, 2021

Think of your promotional activities as an extension of your creative marketing and advertising – the voice to your customers.

Unlike homogenous discounts – which offer very little customization or differentiation and silent your brand – experience-based promotions are an opportunity to showcase your brand, create an emotional connection with your customer, and differentiate your brand from the competition.

When customers are shopping for a product, they’re thinking about how that product can improve their life.


What does your brand stand for? Getting clear on your brand purpose, mission, vision and values is crucial for creating magic brand moments that increase brand equity in the long term. You wouldn’t run an advert with the wrong tone of voice or create content that conflicts with your brand values.

So, what’s different with sales promotions? If you’re a luxury brand focused on quality, why would you cheapen your image by cutting prices? If your brand prides itself on serving your customers, why would you undermine their trust by wavering in your price integrity? Similarly, if you’re an outlier brand who stands out by doing things differently, why would you run a discount promotion that looks just like every other?


When customers are shopping for a product, they’re thinking about how that product can improve their life. So, what are your value propositions? What’s your unique selling point?

This is your starting point. Lead with value by considering how a reward can highlight those benefits.

Differentiating your offering in this way prompts consumers to consider foremost the value of your product or service, as opposed to merely the price – leaving your brand less vulnerable to comparison and discount-sparring with competitors.


In a market flooded with discount promotions, it’s easy to be caught in a downward price spiral. When discounts become the norm rather than a differentiator, the best way to stand out is to offer more, rather than charging less.

To reclaim your differentiation leadership, focus on what makes your offering unique. That could be your brand, or your product. But it could also be your team, or your community model, or your approach to sustainable business.

Unlike discounts, there’s almost no limit to what reward promotions can help you achieve. Yes, they can increase sales and market share quickly. But they can also increase brand loyalty and engagement, encourage upselling and bulk-buying, or even lead to increased POS display space – all ways to stand out from your competitors.


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