At RIX, we understand the importance of staying true to your brand identity, even in your sales promotions. Therefore, all of our rewards are tailored to your brand’s needs. With a large portfolio extending from free flights and free nights to free sights and trips, we can craft a powerful brand experience for you.

And if you’re worried about the handling, we can put you at ease. All rewards are fully sourced and serviced by RIX with a customer satisfaction guarantee. Find out more about our rewards and services below or schedule a call.

An airplane in boarding position ready to board for customers who received a free flight ticket


Send your customers on an international return flight. With multiple destinations to choose from and flexible dates, this reward is one of the most popular choices among our clients. 

Woman opening a curtain in a hotel room after getting up in the morning, enjoying her free hotel stay


Who wouldn’t love a free hotel stay? Offer a free night at your customers’ preferred hotel. With our white label booking platform the redemption process with this reward is especially easy.

An orange kayak ready to be taken out onto the water between mountains for a free adventure as a sales incentive


All of our other rewards fall into this category. Sports events, day trips, cooking classes, culinary experiences and all sorts of activities are just some of the rewards we can offer here. 


Our experienced team provides exceptional service in virtually all languages and countries worldwide. With our highly trained customer service reps, we provide a customer satisfaction guarantee. 


When people think of a return flight to a certain destination, they automatically have a price range in mind. This contributes to the fact that our free flight rewards have a particularly high value perception versus cost ratio. As the global leader in providing free flight rewards, RIX is able to source flights at a low cost for our clients. On average, consumers value the free flight 5 times higher than the actual cost to the brand.

The high value perception of this reward also leads to increased media attention, more visible in-store placement of the product and word-of-mouth. Check out some of our case studies if you’d like to know more.

Just like any of our rewards, the free flights can be flexibly customized to your needs. The number of destinations, travel dates as well as included services largely depend on preferences and the goal of your campaign.

The Customer Journey

1. Buy promotional product

2. Choose travel dates and location

A man in the process of booking his free hotel night he received as a promotion after buying a printer

3. Send proof of purchase for validation

An airplane in boarding position ready to board for customers who received a free flight ticket

4. Enjoy your trip!


Free hotel nights are always highly appreciated by customers as they can be used anywhere and anytime. If domestic or international, for a weekend trip or a vacation – this reward appeals to everyone.

As our hotel network comprises of virtually every hotel that can be booked online on platforms such as or, we are in a unique position to offer complete flexibility for your customers or restrict the offered hotels to your preferences. 

Either way your customers can redeem their free hotel night completely independently on booking platform that is customized to your brand. 

Woman opening a curtain in a hotel room after getting up in the morning, enjoying her free hotel stay


Free nights is probably our most flexible reward, as you can restrict the hotels offered in price, region or category depending on your goals.

Booking Platform

The booking platform can be customized to your brand. With this tool your customers are able to book their stay flexibly and independently. 


Think of any experience except for flights or hotel stays and you are thinking of our Free Sights rewards. There is an abundance of great experiences in the categories of culinary, action, adventure, family, wellness and culture, just to name a few.

With our vast network of service providers in any category, we are able to source almost any experience imaginable both locally and internationally. Have a look at some of our case studies to see what we’ve helped other brands offer their customers.

A roller coaster going full speed with many people getting their adrenaline experience


Four friends enjoying burgers and after redeeming a culinary reward voucher


White Land Rover ready for an adventure driving experience


Woman taking a selfie underwater while getting a diving lesson for free as a promotional gift


Two people preparing a delicious meal in a cooking class they got after opening a bank account




At RIX we don’t see ourselves as a simple service provider, but rather a strategic partner for our clients. Your goals become our goals and we are always here to support you every step of the way.

We understand that there are always restrictions in terms of resources and time for every business. Therefore, we are happy to support both strategically in finding the right incentive to meet your goals and operationally by taking care of all the time consuming tasks such as reward fulfilment, customer support etc. With our customer satisfaction guarantee you can rest assured that you will not only increase your market share, but also your base of happy and loyal customers.

While we focus on running direct reward campaigns that are based on experiences, we can also offer a wide variety of other incentives that motivate consumer transaction. These include, but are not limited to cash back campaigns, scratch cards (both digital and printed), sweepstakes or raffles and golden ticket or code promotions.

Just schedule a call and let’s explore how we can help your brand achieve all your sales and marketing goals. 


With many years of experience in providing rewards, we have a large portfolio of incentives and are happy to provide you with fresh ideas that are best suited for your brand and your business goals. 


As a full service reward agency, we are happy to provide you with vouchers for your customers in printed or digital form. We also offer redemption codes and platforms for the various rewards. 


We take care of the entire fulfilment as your one-stop-shop partner for your reward campaign. From sourcing, distribution of vouchers to handling of the redemption process – we do it all, so you can focus on your business.


Our highly skilled and trained call center members are able to handle even the largest of campaigns without sacrificing on quality. As a truly global organization we are happy to offer support in any language. 


Our track record proves that the complaint rate lies below 0.2% on average. Out of the few complaints we do receive, we always find a positive resolution. Therefore, we can confidently guarantee your customers’ satisfaction.