The revolution of Consumer Incentives

The year is full of thrilling opportunities for consumer incentive campaigns, as major sports events amplify public excitement and emotion.

2024 – year of sport

The catalyst for your Sales

2024 stands as a landmark year where sports events become a key driver in boosting sales and consumer engagement. RIX Rewards taps into this dynamic arena, utilizing the universal appeal of sports to craft unique promotional campaigns. These events aren’t just games; they’re platforms for emotional connection, community building, and powerful storytelling. We help you capture the hearts of fans worldwide, turning their passion into profitable engagement.

Your next Campaign

Gamification | Spin & Win

Welcome to  “Spin & Win”, where every purchase turns into a chance to win big! This campaign is designed to add an element of surprise and delight to the shopping experience.

Campaign Duration: June 14th – July 14th, 2024

Qualification: For every purchase over a predefined amount, the consumer gets a chance to spin the digital wheel.

Prizes: Prizes can range from discount vouchers and exclusive deals to bigger rewards like electronics, gift cards, or even a grand prize, such as a weekend getaway. The diversity of prizes caters to a wide range of customers, increasing the campaign’s appeal.

1. Customer Purchase

A customer makes a qualified purchase, either in a store or online. After making the purchase, they receive a code.

2. Enter Code

The customer needs to enter this code online or in a designated app. This step is important to and acces the “SPIN & WIN”-Wheel.

3. Enter Details

For a chance to win, the customer must enter their personal details. This is necessary to ensure that any prizes can be delivered.

4. Spin & Win

Try your luck by spinning the wheel of fortune and see what prize you win!

Long-Lasting Incentives

More than just Discounts

RIX Rewards reimagines incentives, moving beyond the transient appeal of discounts to create lasting value. Our approach is centered on delivering unique experiences that resonate deeply with consumers, fostering a connection that goes beyond the point of sale. We believe in rewards that not only incentivize immediate purchases but also build a narrative around your brand, making every interaction an opportunity to strengthen customer loyalty and enhance brand perception. With our innovative strategies, we ensure that incentives become memorable experiences, transforming customers into brand ambassadors.


The playful approach

Gamification is more than just fun; it’s a potent tool for customer engagement. Elevate your sales by transforming your offerings into exciting games and challenges.

Free Flights

Our speciality

Experience the power of free flights as a magnet for customer loyalty.
Our carefully tailored free flight incentives bring customers back, enhance their loyalty, and attract new ones.

Travel Portal

Exclusive trips

Our Travel Portals are gateways to endless adventures. With an array of travel options and exclusive access, your customers can embark on journeys of their dreams.

Showcasing Success

Explore Our Impactful Campaign References

Our success stories speak for themselves. We’ve created a legacy of successful campaigns that have revolutionized the consumer incentives landscape. Each case study is a showcase of our innovative approach and deep understanding of market dynamics. From increasing brand loyalty to boosting sales, our solutions have consistently delivered outstanding results. These stories highlight our ability to understand diverse consumer needs and craft campaigns that resonate. By exploring our successes, you’ll gain insights into our methods and see the tangible impact of our creative strategies on business growth and customer satisfaction.