Travel Booking Platform

Offer Distinctive Rewards with a Tailored Travel Portal Experience
Our travel portal concept presents a multi­fac­eted approach to consumer engage­ment, combining the fasci­na­tion of travel with the power of commu­nity building, thereby offering substan­tial value to both the consumer and the brand.

Whether it’s for a national or inter­na­tional trip, a weekend getaway or a longer vaca­tion, this reward appeals to everyone and is specif­i­cally tailored to your consumers’ pref­er­ences. The flex­i­bility and inde­pen­dence in booking, combined with the attrac­tion of special member bene­fits, create an exclu­sive club-like atmos­phere.

Hotels, Flights, and More

Seamless Global Travel

Great user expe­ri­ence and intu­itive consumer flows are avail­able on the store­front for all offered prod­ucts: Over 350,000 multi level hotels across the world (including all major chains)​ | Over 45,000 car rental locations​ | Transfers, Tours & Excursions​ | Special offers | All schedule and low-cost airlines​

The compre­hen­sive services included enhance the user expe­ri­ence, making it seam­less and engaging

All associated costs

and admin­is­tra­tion relating the campaign​

Design, hosting and creation

of a branded landing and booking page​

Delivery of vouchers, points and setup

of the travel portal

A dedicated support centre

with native speakers (45 languages)

All participant communication

related to the offer

Outbound calls to participants

who have correctly applied for a reward

E‑mail helpdesk and post-boxes

in all partic­i­pating coun­tries

A dedicated Account Director

and Account Manager

This creates a virtuous cycle where consumers are more likely to return to the portal for their travel needs, further strength­ening their connec­tion to the brand.

It is not just the expe­ri­ences you offer your consumers, but you create an addi­tional brand asset that touches upon people’s lifestyle inter­ests and helps to elevate your brand percep­tion.

Our in-house ABTA‑, ATOL‑, and IATA-licensed travel agency ensures that the travel campaigns are not only profes­sion­ally managed but also offer a wide port­folio of options to really give your customers the feeling of a signif­i­cant value.

Elevate Your Brand.

Revolutionize, Maximize and Overcome!

Experience the revo­lu­tionary Buy & Fly promo­tion, offering excep­tional value through free flight vouchers, delve into the dynamic realm of gami­fi­ca­tion for deeper customer engage­ment, and discover the person­al­ized jour­neys of our travel portal.