Unleash ‘Brand Magic’ With Experiences Your Customers Love

Nov 1, 2021

Magic brand moments are “instances where a customer feels exactly the way you want them to about your product.” As a marketer, they allow you to hone in on why you do what you do as a business and who you do it for, which is crucial in building brand engagement and loyalty. Yes, a relationship and finally brand love.

Here are 3 examples of promotional concepts that do exactly this. They emphasize emotions over ratio and highlight the power of creating memories with brands …


Meet Maria, a 32-year-old marketing manager. Maria loves her high-pressure job, but it means she has limited free time. When she’s not working, she likes to meet friends and travel as much as possible. Coffee is her life-fuel: she wants the best, and she wants it quickly. That’s why she’s in the market for a high-quality, fully automatic coffee machine.

While shopping around, she sees plenty of discounted coffee machines. Then, she spots one from De’Longhi that comes with a free return flight to a choice of major European cities …

Right away, Maria’s business mind kicks in as she tries to work out the best deal. If she saves 10% on a $700 coffee machine, that’s $70 in the bank. But surely a free flight is worth more than that? Plus, it’s a chance to explore somewhere new (and take a guiltfree break from work). She imagines herself enjoying a coffee in the dappled shade outside a quaint Parisian café. Yes, that’s just what she needs right now.

Decision made: Maria buys the machine.


Meet 43-year-old father, Nick, and his 11-year-old daughter, Sandy. Nick loves football –he never misses his favorite team play. Sandy’s not bothered about sports, but there‘s something she does care about: environmental sustainability. Nick just found out about his team’s new sustainability initiative, ‘The Tree League’, which gives fans a chance to plant a tree whenever their team scores a goal. Finally, a reason for Sandy to watch a game with him! They both register online before the much-anticipated derby game.

“Gooaall!” Ten minutes into the game, their team scores. Nick and Sandy get a text message: “We scored! Now it’s your chance to score a goal and plant a tree with us.”

They’re redirected to a digital scratch card. Nick uncovers two trees and one football – bad luck, he can try again after the next goal. But Sandy uncovers three trees – she’s planted a tree… and suddenly football’s a lot more interesting! By the end of the game they’ve planted three trees together and Sandy’s well on her way to becoming a football fan.

From then on, she makes a point of watching the game with her dad every week.


Meet Jack, a highly driven, 45-year-old entrepreneur. He started an import business back in college and now it’s grown into a thriving multinational corporation. Jack is proud of what he’s accomplished and enjoys spending his hard-earned money on luxuries like finely tailored suits and fast cars. To him, they’re symbols of success.

Jack’s decided he deserves a new car. He arranges a test-drive of the latest Maserati (only the best, of course). At the dealership, Jack is offered to upgrade to a ‘Taste Drive’ – he is invited to drive to his favorite restaurant and take a selfie out the front. When he returns he’ll get a dinner-for-two voucher to spend at that restaurant. Jack immediately thinks of the place where he met his wife, and spends the drive there reliving fond memories.

A few days later, over a five-course candlelit dinner, he and his wife talk about life, love… and Maserati, without whom they wouldn’t be having this wonderful experience. The brand has exceeded their expectations – and the car is amazing, too.

Decision made: the following week, Jack picks up the keys to their new set of wheels.


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